TGIF! Week 2

Well here we are, another Friday and another week done. I feel really good about this week’s progress although my emotions have been up and down throughout the week. First things first, let’s see how I did with the goals I set last week.

I had planned to walk to work 3 times this week, I did twice and I could do today but I will see how I am feeling as I am fighting a bug of some kind and want to ensure I listen to my body. Although I am a bit short on this goal, I have been using my fitbit every day and have increased my steps goal from 7000-8500 and have met this goal each day with one day even having over 16000 and another one over 11000 so I have definitely increased my activity.

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Gratitude 6/7/13


TGIF everyone!! Even though it is raining here is Surrey BC I am still feeling really great due to my eating clean and re-commitment to my health and wellness. I haven’t written a gratitude post in some time and I thought of a great one as I was walking home from the skytrain station last night with my man. I was telling him that I was really happy that I had written a blog post since it had been a while and I was pleased to get likes and new followers. It really helps motivate me that people are reading my ramblings and it keeps me motivated to carry on.

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