Protein Brownies

To help curb all my night munchies of candy cookies and crap I decided to do some healthy baking. I have a bit of a baking gift, I don’t really need to follow a recipe and things generally still turn out amazing. I decided to try to make some protein brownies so that I could fulfill whatever I was missing that keeps making me overeat at night. Also I figure that if I overeat something with decent nutrients in it, that is better than just eating junk.


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Fitness Log Nov 1-6 2013

I haven’t done a fitness log in a very long time but I have remained fairly consistently active this whole time so that is something to be proud of. Today I am getting a fitness assessment at my new gym and I am excited to see where I am at and to set some realistic goals for myself.

So I won’t promise how often I will do fitness logs, I see the value in it and I will try to do one every now and again. I do log all my fitness on MFP as well but it is nice sometimes to look at a week of exercise all lined up.

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Gratitude 10/18/13



I have not written a gratitude post in a long time, well that is because I haven’t written anything in a long time. However, I haven’t forgotten to be grateful for the many things that I have. I came back on here to complete another book review but felt that I needed to write this first. Today on Facebook I saw a post reading “Happiness will never come to those who don’t appreciate what they already have.” I could not put it better myself.

So at this point in time I have so many things to be grateful for and that is my #1 thing that I will be grateful for today. Some days you get boggled down in the muck and you have to think hard for something to be thankful for but today my cup runneth over.

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Dusting off my Blog

I have been MIA for several months because things went crazy but mostly in a positive way, never fear.  This summer saw me doing a ton of hiking, and even a couple of backpacking trips. I recommitted to my health and wellness goals and have been back logging on MFP and hitting the gym on top of my outdoor workouts. I purchased a new fitbit which is keeping me very motivated as well. I am always open to more friends on either of those sites so feel free to add me if you like.

Also this summer I helped organize and promote Veg Fest Vancouver which is an annual Vegan street festival. I had a great time doing that and it was great to get to know more of the local vegan community.

This fall has already been amazing. John took me on an incredible trip to Jamaica and planning for it was very exciting and also motivating since I knew there would be bikiini pics (overall I am happy with the way I looked in the photos which is not how I normally feel but I am working towards more positivity and acceptance, I have a bit of work to do but I am happy with where I am today as well.)

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Fitness Logs Jan 15 – April 24

There is really no way for me to catch up on all of my fitness for the past almost 3 months. As I stated in an earlier post, things became extremely hectic at work and things became incredibly stressful for me so blogging was one of the casualties in that war.  The good news is that I still managed to maintain a decent level of exercise during that time and although I haven’t really lost weight, I have increased my fitness and I am very proud. I do have a progress picture to share, the one on the right was taken in October 2012 and I reported the weight at 180 but I might have been a bit higher and in denial, and the one on the right is 170.












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