Protein Brownies

To help curb all my night munchies of candy cookies and crap I decided to do some healthy baking. I have a bit of a baking gift, I don’t really need to follow a recipe and things generally still turn out amazing. I decided to try to make some protein brownies so that I could fulfill whatever I was missing that keeps making me overeat at night. Also I figure that if I overeat something with decent nutrients in it, that is better than just eating junk.


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It Totally Tastes Like Beets Smoothie


Yesterday I made a yummy smoothie that had a ton of spinach in it but I couldn’t taste it at all so I called it “I can’t believe it has spinach” smoothie. (Next time I make it I will take a pic so I can post a complete recipe). Then in the evening I made up my breakfast smoothie because I had a really early morning today so all I had to do wad give it a quick burst on the blender.

I used a recipe from Vega’s fb page but altered it slightly due to personal taste and what I had in the kitchen. It was meant to be a red velvet smoothie but it really tastes like beets.

It’s still pretty delicious, but I really like beets. It’s interesting how your taste buds change as you start to eat clean. I am two weeks in now and I feel wonderful. I’m tired right now but that’s because I have a demanding travel schedule this week but I’m getting as much rest as I can while still making my health a priority.

See the recipe after the break

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Vega Avocado Walnut Dip

I made this one about a week ago from the Vega Facebook page. I can’t direct link to the recipe so I will re-post the recipe with a link to their page. There are lots of recipes and many other excellent tips and other things on there. I am doing Thrive Forward¬†among my other education and support for my new lifestyle and I can’t recommend Vega and their products and education highly enough. Vega has always been my go-to when I need to get my nutrition back on track.

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