2017K in 2017 Week 8

I think it would be week 8, I have been negligent in posting but mostly have been keeping up on my walking and have been going to the gym and went ice skating too (but I am only counting walks, hikes and runs for my Kms)

So my previous total was 41.5K and since Jan 25 I will add:

Jan 26 – Walk to work 1.5K
Jan 30 – Walk to and from work 3K
Feb 1 – Walk to and from work 3K
Then I hit a lull as I am going through some health issues but am on the mend now
Feb 13 – Walked to the gym (then worked out too!) 4K
Feb 14 – Walk to and from work 3K (then went ice skating)
Feb 15  – Walk to and from work 3K
Feb 16 – Was sick and slept most of the day but got up and did a 5K walk
Feb 17 – Walk to and from work 4K (walked to boyfriend’s house after work so it was further)
Went to the gym on the weekend but no walks 😦
Feb 20 – Walk to and from work 3K

New total: 71K

At this pace I will need to average 44.2K per week to make my goal, however once the weather cheers up I will start hiking again which will add a lot of Kms.

TGIF! Week 2


Well here we are, another Friday and another week done. I feel really good about this week’s progress although my emotions have been up and down throughout the week. First things first, let’s see how I did with the goals I set last week.

I had planned to walk to work 3 times this week, I did twice and I could do today but I will see how I am feeling as I am fighting a bug of some kind and want to ensure I listen to my body. Although I am a bit short on this goal, I have been using my fitbit every day and have increased my steps goal from 7000-8500 and have met this goal each day with one day even having over 16000 and another one over 11000 so I have definitely increased my activity.

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Fitness Log Nov 1-6 2013

I haven’t done a fitness log in a very long time but I have remained fairly consistently active this whole time so that is something to be proud of. Today I am getting a fitness assessment at my new gym and I am excited to see where I am at and to set some realistic goals for myself.

So I won’t promise how often I will do fitness logs, I see the value in it and I will try to do one every now and again. I do log all my fitness on MFP as well but it is nice sometimes to look at a week of exercise all lined up.

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Fitness Logs Jan 15 – April 24

There is really no way for me to catch up on all of my fitness for the past almost 3 months. As I stated in an earlier post, things became extremely hectic at work and things became incredibly stressful for me so blogging was one of the casualties in that war.  The good news is that I still managed to maintain a decent level of exercise during that time and although I haven’t really lost weight, I have increased my fitness and I am very proud. I do have a progress picture to share, the one on the right was taken in October 2012 and I reported the weight at 180 but I might have been a bit higher and in denial, and the one on the right is 170.












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Fitness Logs for Jan 1-15

This won’t be much of a fitness log because I haven’t kept notes or anything but it will be more of an update on my progress so far in January. After struggling much of the past year I think I have finally figured this thing out. I know that I have said this before, but I meant it every time. I have stumbled and gotten up again each time. I have gained 20 lbs since last year but I am still at a weight that I was at 2 years ago which is a 30 lb loss. Statistically people on diets gain back more weight than they lost in the first place so I am happy that even though I stumbled that I didn’t let things go too far.

So with all that said, along with a whole foods plant based diet I am enjoying fitness this year as well. My two main avenues for exercise so far this year have been skiing and the gym. I have been doing “Ski Sundays” and then going to the gym several mornings each week to do the elliptical. I do enjoy the elliptical, probably due to the endorphins and the upbeat music that I listen to.

I have really been enjoying skiing, although I had a fall this sunday that has left me with a softball sized bruise on my leg. I wasn’t even doing anything fancy, I just hit an icy bump at the bottom of the run and went down hard. Oh well what can you do?

It is so beautiful up on Grouse mountain, here are some pictures that I have taken. Follow me on twitter or Instagram to see more @allibaba77

Fitness Log 12/28/12

So yesterday I had a couple of glasses of wine and decided that I didn’t care and I was just going to eat everything in sight. Sigh. Oh well today is a new day and at least I did a good job on my exercise yesterday. Today I have already gotten a good start to the day as it is 8:55 and I have already done my first set of calisthenics for the day. I did the same as yesterday but added a couple of reps and a couple of new items.

  1. 30 wall pushups
  2. 20 squats
  3. 20 tricep raises
  4. 40 side leg lifts (20 each side)
  5. 40 crunches
  6. 30 reverse crunches
  7. 1 60 sec plank

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Fitness Log Day 20: 10/10/12

Today I really really didn’t feel like going to the gym. I am going through a breakup, now I am also feeling like I am getting a cold. But I really have to push myself right now so that I don’t get swallowed into despair. I need to focus on the positive and keep working towards my goals. I did feel like I was just going through the motions today but sometimes all you can do is put one foot in front of the other and keep moving.

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Fitness Log Day 19: 10/9/12

I am going through a difficult time in my personal life so I am very proud that I made it to the gym as it would have been understandable if I didn’t even go at all. I didn’t do an amazing workout, but I completed it and that is great. Today was the hardest one since I started these training logs, I wanted to give up multiple times as my mood is about as low as it could be.

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