2017K in 2017 Week 13

So I had a productive weekend for Kms, we did a nice hike on Saturday then on Sunday I had a 5K trail race so a bit sore today.  I lost my fitbit and my backup one has been through the wash a couple times (not by me I must note)  so I will have to track my Kms in other ways. I have been using the Strava app a lot but I am low on cellular data for a couple more days so I can’t use it. I am debating buying a leaf tracker but I need to do some research first to see that I pick the best tracker for myself. I don’t like to wear watches so that limits it somewhat.

We left off at 94.5K and I am adding:

March 25 6K Hike
March 26 5K Trail Run
March 27 3.5K walk to work from Jason’s then home

New total so far: 109K

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