2017K in 2017 Week 13

So I had a productive weekend for Kms, we did a nice hike on Saturday then on Sunday I had a 5K trail race so a bit sore today.  I lost my fitbit and my backup one has been through the wash a couple times (not by me I must note)  so I will have to track my Kms in other ways. I have been using the Strava app a lot but I am low on cellular data for a couple more days so I can’t use it. I am debating buying a leaf tracker but I need to do some research first to see that I pick the best tracker for myself. I don’t like to wear watches so that limits it somewhat.

We left off at 94.5K and I am adding:

March 25 6K Hike
March 26 5K Trail Run
March 27 3.5K walk to work from Jason’s then home

New total so far: 109K

2017K in 2017 Week 12

I am still working on my Kms over here although slow to update for various reasons. My morning walk tracker didn’t work so I had to come on here or I would lose track of my Kms. It has been a month so I suppose it is a good time to check in.

In addition to the walking I will be logging I have done a bit of gym workouts as well. I am kicking things up a notch with some Zumba and Yoga classes. This weekend is my 2nd 5K race and I am excited about it as it is a trail run at Thetis lake and I have hiked there a dozen or more times so I am very familiar with the terrain.

On to the Kms. I ended off with 71K on Feb 20

Feb 21 3K to and from work
Feb 21 2.5K to bf house
Feb 22 2K to work from bf place
March 3 1.5K to work
March 12 2K to work from bf place
March 14 1.5K to work
March 16 3K to and from work
March 20 3K to and from work
March 21 2K to work from bf place
March 22 3K to and from work

New total: 94.5K

So I am behing on my goal, right now if I want to make 2017K I need to do 214K a month for the rest of the year. I am selling my car so more walking is forthcoming and hiking season is so close (I know you can hike anytime but I will be out more when things are nicer and the sunset is later) and I will be logging lots of K soon with more half marathon training.

Either way, I am walking more and that is all that matters.