2017K in 2017 Week 8

I think it would be week 8, I have been negligent in posting but mostly have been keeping up on my walking and have been going to the gym and went ice skating too (but I am only counting walks, hikes and runs for my Kms)

So my previous total was 41.5K and since Jan 25 I will add:

Jan 26 – Walk to work 1.5K
Jan 30 – Walk to and from work 3K
Feb 1 – Walk to and from work 3K
Then I hit a lull as I am going through some health issues but am on the mend now
Feb 13 – Walked to the gym (then worked out too!) 4K
Feb 14 – Walk to and from work 3K (then went ice skating)
Feb 15  – Walk to and from work 3K
Feb 16 – Was sick and slept most of the day but got up and did a 5K walk
Feb 17 – Walk to and from work 4K (walked to boyfriend’s house after work so it was further)
Went to the gym on the weekend but no walks 😦
Feb 20 – Walk to and from work 3K

New total: 71K

At this pace I will need to average 44.2K per week to make my goal, however once the weather cheers up I will start hiking again which will add a lot of Kms.