2017K in 2017 Week 3

So I am still working on it but last weekend I was pretty lazy. I wasn’t feeling very well so I took a bit of relax time but I have been back walking to work the past 3 days so all that counts.

Adding in the rest of last week and the start of this week:

Jan 20 walk to and from work 3K
Jan 23 walk to and from work 3K
Jan 24 walk to and from work 3K
Jan 25 walk to and from work 3K

New total: 41.5K

2017K in 2017 week 2

So I am feeling pretty good about this, probably I am a bit behind on my kilometers but as the year goes on and the weather gets warmer I will be logging more. So far last week I walked to work 4 out of 5 days (on Wednesday I had plans right after work so had to drive) went ice skating (which doesn’t count to Kms but still is good) went for a walk with my boyfriend on Saturday and did a 5K race on Sunday.


Total up to Jan 12 – 14.5K

Jan 13 – walk to and from work 3K
Jan 14  – 2K walk by the ocean
Jan 15 – 7K (5K run/walk and then 2K to and from the car)
Jan 17 – walk to and from work 3K

Total – 29.5K