Aches, Pains and Setbacks

15006568264_70fe077e7b_zSo my weekly self check in is late, been struggling this week and a half with various issues. The most cumbersome of said issues is my back and leg pain. I had a fall in the summertime and hurt my lefft ankle and perhaps the increased activity has lead me to some stubborn pain. It started the weekend of January 30th, I was on call and so I didn’t want to leave the house (I have a superstition that going out will make the phone ring) and so I spent some lazy time in bed watching TV. After that I had some minor soreness in my lower back which seemed to go away after a few days of light activity and stretching. Then this weekend it got much worse, I couldn’t even sleep well or get comfortable. The pain has moved to my left hip and now down the side of my leg.

So my progress has stalled a bit, I am trying to focus more on diet, but I feel defeated and a bit down about the whole situation and I am an emotional eater so I will be honest that I haven’t been eating as well as I should be, but better than I have in the past. Most importantly, I am not giving up.

I have a massage therapy session booked for Saturday, I plan to have some accupuncture in the near future as well. I need to sign up for my month of Yoga classes before the end of the month as well (it is hot yoga so I want to wait until my pains are a bit better to prevent over strain).

In addition to the physical pains, I have some emotional stuff going on as well. I decided to end my long term relationship that I have been back and forth about. Sometimes love isn’t enough, sometimes even when a person forgives they can never really forget. We will always love eachother and I hope we will always be friends, but I had to make the tough decision to end what we had. Although overall I am happy about this, it is really difficult and has been affecting my overall mood.

I am ready to take things on again, pain or not I have to find a way to make my goals happen for myself. I haven’t slipped far at all. My goal of 10lbs lost will be set back a bit, but I will get there soon and tackle my next goal after that as well. I have some exciting projects on the horizon as well, spring is coming and things are going to be great, I just know it!

Things I did right:

  1. Increased water intake (I have a lot of caffeine free loose leaf tea and have been drinking that as well as plain water)
  2. Did healthy baking
  3. Went swimming
  4. Pursued an opportunity for a part time writing gig
  5. Made a yummy stir fry recipe that I will make again
  6. Made the tough life choice mentioned above
  7. Took the time to check in here even though things are not that great
  8. Practiced the ukulele and got myself a finger pick and hand exerciser that will make my playing better
  9. Posted a song to Soundcloud and shared it with my Facebook group
  10. Wasn’t too hard on myself for my setbacks and realized these things will happen



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