Week 4 – New Month, New Goals!

After last week’s stress and cat drama I had a poor start to the week. I let my emotional eating get the better of me and I made some poor choices. I did turn things around midway through the week however and I am back on track and feeling much better and very excited for February!

Things I did right:

  1. Recognized my self destructive patterns were returning and turned it around
  2. Did a Zumba workout
  3. Made a batch of broccoli salad
  4. Made a healthy lasagna and ate leftovers for lunch
  5. Made a healthy oatmeal bar recipe and snacked on them throughout the week
  6. Cleaned up my apartment and washed several of my blankets
  7. Took the stairs with my laundry basket (it’s huge and weighs about 20 lbs)
  8. Took some time to relax and charge my personal batteries
  9. Used my acupressure mat several times
  10. Stayed in touch with my MFP and Facebook fitness friends

So on to the goals, firstly I will look at last month and see how I did.

  1. Keep a positive attitude – all in all I did, there will always be days this is hard, but I kept my chin up overall
  2. Transition to eating clean – this I really have done well with. I still have the odd food that is not clean, but 80/20 is the goal. 
  3. Drink lots of water – did really well at the beginning of the month when I was using my infuser. Lemons are expensive right now so I stopped using it and then was drinking less. I am still drinking more than I was before, but could stand to drink more water. 
  4. Drink less booze – I have cut down significantly, I still do enjoy a drink in the evening but I now keep track of it in my food diary so that I know the impact it will have on my waistline. 
  5. Read 4 books – I did not meet this goal. I have done some reading but haven’t made the time to really get into some of the books that I have on my shelf. I will refocus on this for February.
  6. Go on 2 good hikes – Also did not achieve this, but feel I met it in other ways. I did what I called an “urban hike” which was a 6 mile walk to downtown. Also I did a fair amount of walking overall. I would have liked to have gotten out into the trails, but the weather, my personal stresses and I suppose my laziness got in the way. 
  7. Practice Ukulele every day –  although I didn’t practice every single day, I really feel I was successful on this one as I did play often and I made some learning strides this month.

So all in all I consider January a success. I am down 8lbs since January 2. I was down 10lbs then had the aforementioned struggles with emotional eating. The facebook group I am in is doing a 6 week challenge and one of my goals in that challenge was to lose 10 lbs so I am very close. I would like to meet that goal but I am not going to stress about it if I do not. Goals are designed to help us progress and stay on track and they are working well for me.

So onwards and upwards to the month of February! My goals for February are:

  1. 3 – 300 calorie burning workouts per week
  2. 7000 steps a day on fitbit
  3. 10 flights a day (counted on fitbit)
  4. Drink 2L (72oz) of water each day
  5. Record ukulele songs to share
  6. Continue with 30 day meditation challenge
  7. Sign up (and go to) Yoga classes
  8. Read 2 books
  9. Tidy and organize apartment
  10. Respect my personal space and time and focus on positive self talk

Lots of goals but I know I am ready for all of this. Let’s go February!!


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