TGIF! Week 2

Well here we are, another Friday and another week done. I feel really good about this week’s progress although my emotions have been up and down throughout the week. First things first, let’s see how I did with the goals I set last week.

I had planned to walk to work 3 times this week, I did twice and I could do today but I will see how I am feeling as I am fighting a bug of some kind and want to ensure I listen to my body. Although I am a bit short on this goal, I have been using my fitbit every day and have increased my steps goal from 7000-8500 and have met this goal each day with one day even having over 16000 and another one over 11000 so I have definitely increased my activity.

The other goal of hot breakfast I didn’t end up doing, but I did log my foods every day and stuck to my plan pretty well. I had a couple days that could have been better but overall really good.

Things I did right:

  1. Walked to work twice
  2. Brought lunch to work every day
  3. Met my steps goal on the fitbit and increased it
  4. Added activity breaks into my work schedule, even just getting up and running in place for a bit helps!
  5. Made a grocery list and stuck to it
  6. Went for a 6 mile walk on Saturday (was going to hike but we decided to walk downtown instead)
  7. Made a yummy broccoli salad and a not so yummy soup (watery, a bit of a bummer but at least I tried they can’t all be winners)
  8. Made a workout playlist on youtube so if I just want to do some moving or dancing around for calorie burns I am all set
  9. Added more video workouts to my list, tried one new one this week
  10. Kept going on my healthy plan even on days I felt discouraged and even on days where I ate a bit more than I should it was only a bit and not a ton like it would have been before.

Yesterday I had an experience at work that I won’t go into details about due to confidentiality but I will say that it really hit close to home that the complications of obesity are fatal. Take care of yourselves, we only get one body and one life. This week coming up I am going to focus on self care and keep building on my good habits. My goals will be to maintain and hopefully increase my activity, do some healthy cooking and baking (I have chickpea flour to use so I hope to make something creative with that). I plan to drink 80+ oz of water each day and limit my alcohol to 4 days of the week (I only have on oz when I do drink but I had gotten into the habit of 2-3 each day and am working my way down).

I hope to see a pound loss for week three, I am not going to lie, but if that doesn’t happen it will not derail me. I am feeling successful and I will keep going!

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