Week One – A Great Week

IMG_8075 Well I turned it around for sure. Last Friday I really did feel I was at a rock bottom and this week, while not perfect (and who ever is) was pretty danged incredible. Things I did right:

  1. Went swimming
  2. Stayed Vegetarian
  3. Drank around 72oz or more of water each day
  4. Walked to and from work once (the picture above was taken yesterday on the walk home)
  5. Had a moderate amount of alcohol and logged it in my diary
  6. Logged my food every day
  7. Joined a Facebook Fitness group and participated actively
  8. Supported my colleagues with their fitness goals
  9. Brought my lunch to work every day
  10. Practiced the Ukulele every evening and mastered a new chord

I am sure I could think of a few more things even but all in all I did awesome. This weekend I have a visitor so I will have to ensure I stick to my goals (if allowing a bit of indulgence too). I am hoping for decent enough weather for a hike. My plan for next week: I want to walk to work more, but I have to drop my son to school in the morning. So at least 3 times next week I will drive home at lunch then walk back to the office. Then walk home after work. I will do some more detailed meal planning, but I would like to have a hot breakfast a few days next week, get up early and put a frittata in the oven, then do a Youtube workout, then after the workout the breakfast is done! I am going to build upon the good habits of this week and make next week stellar as well.


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