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Lately I have taken a ton of books out from the library and have read very few of them. When I was living in my old town, the library dicked me around, saying that I damaged a book when I hadn’t so I decided to forgo the library and just read what I had (as well as download a ton off amazon). Now that I am in a new city, I have a new library card free of fines and I plan to keep it that way (OK I already have $3 in late fees but who’s counting) Anyways, where I was getting at was that I have taken a lot of books out lately and if I am being completely honest, this is the only one that I have read. I maybe didn’t pick the best books, or I wasn’t in the right head space to read them or whatever, so I decided to get myself a comfort food book.

I have read a few of Giffin’s books before, they are what they are which is nothing too complex, just standard chicklit (not a huge fan of that term or the genre itself). I knew if I picked one of her books I would finish reading it as although I am not a huge fan of cheesy chick books, hers are not that bad and a bit of a guilty pleasure really.

This one in particular is about an adoption resulting from a teenage pregnancy and the reunion of birth mother and the child she gave away, now all grown up. The book is told from both women’s perspectives, alternating in each chapter (I think this is her typical style if I recall). There are secrets, drama, beautiful wealthy people and not a lot of substance. There are a few tear jerky moments, which got to me despite their predictability. The ending was a bit of a let down, but I may have felt that way even if she had gone for a more predictable finale. All in all, it was about what I thought it would be, which isn’t saying much. It kept me entertained for a couple of days, but I won’t really remember much about it in a couple more.


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