Book Reviews – Heart Shaped Box



One one hand, I want to finish off some reviews to get myself closer to my goal but on the other hand I have already scraped together two and I don’t really have that much else to say. To compound this problem it has been a while since I read this book so some of the details are fading. I have been writing book reviews for Cannonball Read for like 5 years (crazy!) and it does get hard to come up with new ways to say, it was a decent book and I liked reading it.

But at least when writing rambling awkward paragraphs like the above, I can pad out the review to make it look like I have more interesting things to say than I actually do. It makes me feel better at least. In any case, maybe I should actually say something about the book. Ok, so I bought this book after reading N0S4A2U or whatever it’s called and I wanted to get my hands on some more Joe Hill stuff to see if it was all that good. This one disappointed somewhat, but was still a decent read.

Heart Shaped Box is about an aging rocker named Judas Coyne who has a macabre collection of items and one day he sees a posting to purchase a ghost. He goes ahead with this purchase, and guess what, bad things happen. The ghost arrives in the form of a suit (contained in that heart shaped box) and the ghost is out to get the rocker and his girlfriend.

Who wins, man or ghost? If you have ever read a book or watched a movie you probably have a good idea. But in any case, it was a decent book and I liked reading it.



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