Book Reviews – Heart Shaped Box



One one hand, I want to finish off some reviews to get myself closer to my goal but on the other hand I have already scraped together two and I don’t really have that much else to say. To compound this problem it has been a while since I read this book so some of the details are fading. I have been writing book reviews for Cannonball Read for like 5 years (crazy!) and it does get hard to come up with new ways to say, it was a decent book and I liked reading it.

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Book Reviews – Where We Belong


Lately I have taken a ton of books out from the library and have read very few of them. When I was living in my old town, the library dicked me around, saying that I damaged a book when I hadn’t so I decided to forgo the library and just read what I had (as well as download a ton off amazon). Now that I am in a new city, I have a new library card free of fines and I plan to keep it that way (OK I already have $3 in late fees but who’s counting) Anyways, where I was getting at was that I have taken a lot of books out lately and if I am being completely honest, this is the only one that I have read. I maybe didn’t pick the best books, or I wasn’t in the right head space to read them or whatever, so I decided to get myself a comfort food book.

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Book Reviews – Horns


I read this book when I heard about the movie and I am pretty bummed about how that turned out but at least I did get an enjoyable read out of the deal. I read this book a few months back and I am woefully behind on reviews but I figured I had better get them finished as the end of the year is fast approaching.

Horns is the tale of a young man who is assumed by all in his town to have brutally murdered his girlfriend. He awakens one day to discover the titular horns have started to sprout on his head. He quickly finds out that the horns make people do very strange things, seeming to voice and act out their innermost desires, and their more self destructive desires for the most part.

The book is told through flashbacks and present day encounters with his friends and family and eventually the murder mystery is resolved. I read this book rather fast like the junk food it is. I would recommend reading it if you like this sort of thing.