Book Reviews – The Rosie Project



This is another book that I binge read while on holiday in Jamaica this June. I sprained my ankle on the first day there so I was fairly immobile but it was a good excuse to just chill and relax by the pool and do a lot of reading, and I did.

I read the bulk of this book while sitting in a hammock at a mountain retreat. I had a hike booked which I am bummed to have missed out on, but I did get a lovely hammock to sit on and I did get to take a walk to the river (the guy made me walk way too fast but I survived).


Anyways, about the book. The Rosie Project is the story of a man who functions in a different manner than most. The book hints that he may have Aspberger’s but he is undiagnosed, but has many rituals and seems to feel emotions a bit differently as well as he has trouble conforming to some of society’s rules. When we find him, he decides it is time for him to find a mate and then he begins “The Wife Project”. He has a questionnaire to be completed and through this process he meets Rosie who he deems unsuitable for a mate but he decides to help with another project, the titular “Rosie Project”.

It is at times a cute and fun book, but overall there is not much substance to it. It was interesting to read a story from a point of view of a person with a non-typical type of brain, but other than that, it was a pretty generic story.


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