Book Reviews – Coreyography


Alright, cards on the table time. My name is Alli and I used to have a crush on Corey Feldman. Sigh, what a relief to finally get that off my chest. My BFF and I used to watch Corey movies back in the olden days, she liked Haim and I liked Feldman. We both got over these crushes like normal people do, but we revisited our glory days back in 2007 when they were filming the 2 Coreys reality show and we heard that Feldman’s band was playing nearby. We both got to meet the Coreys (and I was up front so got to touch Feldman – not like that, get your mind outta the gutter!) We even made it up there on TV.

Alright, maybe that last part really isn’t something to brag about, but it happened and the 12 year old girl inside of me was pretty thrilled.

This explains why I would be inclined to read the “Coreyography” . I guess also part of me wants to reconcile the douchebag persona with the person that I felt was crush worthy back in the day. I had read reviews stating that this was the case, that the book made Feldman sympathetic, or at least less of a douche.

It is in fact very true. Feldman was taken advantage of and abused by his parents, was robbed of a proper childhood and this partly explains why he is out of touch with reality and thinks that some of the behaviors that he has are acceptable.

A douche is still a douche to a certain extent, but this book is a good read for someone who is similar to myself, who wants to learn a bit more about what it might be like to be a child star and to struggle with the repercussions of that.


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