Moving Accross The Sea



The time has come my friends, time to make a big change and get a fresh start. Sometimes when opportunity knocks it gives you a chance to see possibilities that you didn’t know existed. I think any time you make large changes it is natural to have fear. To overcome this fear and focus on the positive is the challenge I am facing right now. 

So the deal is that I am moving from the Vancouver area to Victoria which is on Vancouver Island. It is in some ways not the far from home but as it involves a 1.5 hour ferry ride it is a pretty significant change to be making. I had always felt that I couldn’t move very far from home due to my shared custody arrangement but then when I got offered this opportunity it was a good enough reason to broach the subject with my ex and he was surprisingly supportive. Then he decided to make a huge change as well and also move to the island, although a bit further up north where his Mother lives. My partner and I also had talks about us both moving there but in the end he is going to stay here and we will part ways for now. It is hard to do but sometimes you have to make tough decisions to get to the place you need to be and we both need this.

So I have made this huge decision and I want to be excited about it all, but I can’t seem to find a place to live. This will be my third weekend taking the boat over to try and find a new home for myself, my son and our 2 cats. It has been draining me financially, emotionally and physically. Keeping my head above water has been hard. I saw my therapist for the first time in months (I was feeling really positive so hadn’t been going) and it was really helpful to have a sounding board for all of this stress. 

So hopefully this weekend I will find a place to live. I need to move forward and getting a place to live it key in that (of course) I want to look ahead to new adventures and new friends and happiness for my little family over there. Hopefully the next time I write that is where I will be.




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