Book Reviews – NOS4A2U by Joe Hill

nos4a2uSo I finished reading this book in February, then my son asked to read it and I had these big plans for us to write a collaborative review together but now it is July and he has still not finished reading it. I can’t really judge too much, although I have done quite a bit of reading over these last few months, I have not written a review since March. I could make all sorts of fancy excuses but really who cares, I been busy y’all!

So I do at least remember this book, and that I liked it. This is the first book I read by Joe Hill and for those who do not know he is the son of Stephen King and I love me some Stephen King so I decided that I must read some of Joe Hill’s work as well. I used the CBR holiday book exchange as an excuse to ask for one of his books and Rochelle was kind enough to oblige.

Anyhoo, two paragraphs in and I haven’t really said much about the book itself, well tough luck! I am feeling sassy today and I don’t care who knows it. Alright, so plot. . . it’s a bit of a crazy story about a girl who can “find” things that are lost by travelling over a magic bridge. There is also a big bad who travels in a supernatural Rolls Royce with the titular license plate. Manx is our bad guy and he kidnaps children and takes them to a place called Christmasland. He also preys on less than emotionally stable men to help him capture his main prey.

Honestly you are either into a premise like that or you are not. I was into it and really enjoyed reading this book. I also enjoyed the shout outs to his Dads work (although I can’t remember exactly what they were it was cute that he referenced his Dad’s fictional universe and also King references Manx in Dr Sleep which I thought was pretty cool also). I didn’t really care for the title, only because it was hard to recommend the book as I had to keep spelling it out to people, but that is a minor issue really. I have already downloaded a couple more of Hill’s books to my kindle and I look forward to reading them.


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