Book Reviews – The Fault in Our Stars


I resisted reading this book for some time as I don’t read many young adult novels as I am not a young adult. Not that I don’t think that adults shouldn’t read YA fiction (I reallly enjoyed Hunger Games for example) but it is not generally my first choice. This book to me seemed like a Nicholas Sparks type of book, which is another type of fiction that I don’t generally read. I decided to read this one as I happened upon a free copy and so I decided to see what the fuss was all about.

So it’s a teen romance book about cancer kids what do you really expect? I thought it was an interesting concept if not really manipulative as there are bound to be some tears. I will admit that I cried a bit but I am known to do that even though I am relatively cold hearted towards death. I have been working in respiratory for several years and much of that time I was a dispatcher for home oxygen patients. I mostly encountered the elderly but it does tend to make you a bit numb to Cancer and death from it. Due to my professional knowledge it was interesting to me to read about someone who uses several products that we use here as it is not something that I normally encounter in my reading. But as I said, I cried during a few parts of the book but don’t feel any resonance or emotional investment now that I have finished reading it.

I felt that the book was well written and I guess I can see why so many people love it. There is something to be said about having a good cry and feeling the feels. 14 year old me probably would have cried a river and read the book a million times. 36 year old me just thought it was a decent but ultimately forgettable book.


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