Book Reviews – May We Be Forgiven by A.M. Holmes



One of the drawbacks to being so far behind on my book reviews is that I lose many of the thoughts that I may have had about a particular book and then writing the review becomes much harder. I have started writing myself notes in my drafts but alas this one has no notes. One big thing that sticks out in my memory about this one is my audio book drama so I will relay that to you all, lucky you!

So I had purchased this tale on audio book through iTunes then when I was in Jamaica my phone got wet and died (although it worked as a camera and music player just not a phone until I tried to get it fixed, then it was just a paperweight). So I lost a few audio books that were on my phone. I was told my iTunes support that it was too bad for me and I was going to have to buy it again or never hear the end of the story. I didn’t reply because, why would I, then I got another email from iTunes support on Xmas day asking if I was satisfied. I had a tough day (long story) so I emailed back saying that I found it insulting that he was even asking me that considering how I spent way too much on this audio book in the first place and I was not even able to finish listening to it. He said he would see what he could do and ended up getting back to me saying that they would credit me back the amount of the book if I provided the order number. Of course when I provided my order number he said they couldn’t give me a credit but that I could download the book again and he provided me a link to items that were eligible for re-download and then we were back at the beginning of the saga again as audio books are not eligible for re-download. Fa la la la la!

So I said screw it and bought the book from amazon. Most expensive book ever. So after all that rambling you might be wondering what the book is all about, and maybe even if the book was worth all the trouble. Well I gave it 4 stars on goodreads and I do remember enjoying it well enough. Ok, back on track. . . this book is about a brother who steps in to take over the head of the household after a tragedy. Our protagonist, Harold Silver is the kind of man who tends to go through his routine. He has been teaching the same class for years, he is a Nixon scholar. His wife isn’t the affectionate type and it seems like he prefers it that way. So when everything falls apart with his brother’s family he steps in out of a sense of personal responsibility but also because he tends to let his life’s course be decided by others. He stays at his brother’s home although the children are away at school, I suppose he is trying to keep the home together although there is not much left.

Harold does gather others along the way, and I suppose a theme is making a family with whatever you have and that is a theme that I believe in. We can’t always be born with the greatest family but we choose our family as we go through life and sometimes it takes a tragedy to shake things up enough to be able to find yourself and your people.

“May We Be Forgiven” is not a perfect book, but it was one that I did enjoy. There was a bit too much Nixon stuff at parts for my taste, and there are also some parts that were a bit ridiculous and that didn’t make 100% sense, but that’s books for you (or this review for example).


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