March Madness

moving 2


2014 so far has been a busy time but full of steps in the right direction as well. As much as I tend to be hard on myself I have accomplished a lot so far this year. As I mentioned before, I have been getting ready to move and tomorrow is the big day. I get the keys to my new place at 8am and I really can’t wait. As much as I tried to make the experience as stress free as possible I didn’t fully succeed. I have come to the conclusion that the stress is inevitable. But looking on the bright side, I am organized, I have a plan and I took tomorrow and Monday off work so that I can take my time setting things up at my new place. My biggest excitement lies in the fact that I will now have a bath tub!! I haven’t had my own tub in over 5 years. I am gonna aromatherapy and candle up the place!!


And once the move is complete, my focus can go back to my health and fitness. I have been eating a lot of take out due to packing and being busy and of course being lazy. I never thought I would find the day where I was sick of pizza yet here we are. I will set up my new kitchen and get to cooking all sorts of yummy healthy foods. I still love my cheese (although I source ethical cheeses from local farmers) but I really do love vegan cooking. I even got the new Thrive Energy Cookbook, I haven’t looked at it yet but I am sure there are lots of good ideas in there.

There is now a decent amount of snow on the mountains so I will be doing a lot of snowshoeing in the next couple of months. If it all works out, I would even like to do a snowshoe backpacking trip (to a cabin though not tents). I finally went for my first snowshoe a couple of weeks ago and I really loved it. So beautiful to hike in the snow and it was an excellent work out. Snowshoeing until spring then hiking season begins! It will be a great year, since we have all the gear now we can go backpacking whenever we want and not have to spend too much.

March is going to be crazy! But crazy in the best way and lots of fun!




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