Book Reviews – Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susannah, Dark Tower



So once I got past a certain point in the Dark Tower series there was no turning back. I read the last 3 books in a huge binge but it was glorious. So glorious in fact that I have been unable to get past it and move on to another book. I purchased “Wind Through the Keyhole” but I am not ready to go back to the world of the Dark Tower yet either.

So on to these reviews. I decided to compile them into one as I am not sure how much I will have to say about each one as they really do all fit together into a really long story. Of course although it doesn’t really need to be said, there will likely be spoilers so if you have not read the series and do not want to know about it then this is not the best place for you to be. Also my details might get all mixed up but that is the way things go sometimes.

Ok, so “Wolves of the Calla” really got me back interested in the story again. I enjoyed “Wizard and Glass” but it was almost entirely a flashback so I was glad to get back into our main story as that is where the heart of the tale lies. I was a bit concerned that we would never get back into our heros’ quest as this story takes us into another town, Calla Brin Sturgess where they have this unique problem where “wolves” come every generation or so and take some of their children and they are returned “roont” or ruined. Some of the citizens ask our gunslingers for help an although this aid takes up most of the book, I was glad that it really tied in well with the main story.

Also a character from another King novel becomes a main part of the story. Father Callaghan who was a character in “Salem’s Lot” ( I would add the ‘ before Salem but with the quotes it looked odd). Callaghan has somehow made it into this other world where our story takes place, and we find out through the course of this book how that came to be. It also ties in with “Hearts in Atlantis” with the low men following Callaghan through his time spent travelling.

As we move through “Wolves” and the dramatic battle we then move to “Song of Susannah” wherein we get quite close to our story coming to the tower itself. There is some travel between worlds, chases and a creepy spider baby. I believe it is mainly in this book that Stephen King makes himself a significant character in the story (although again the details are all mashed up in my head having read these all so close together). I think it was a huge gamble for King to take, but I thought it was cheeky and I loved it. He takes the opportunity to poke a bit of fun at himself for not getting his act together to finish writing the series. I can relate to that as I seem to always have something pending over my shoulder that I am not getting done (like these reviews usually).

So in both “Song” and the final book “The Dark Tower” we are heavy into the denouement of this tale. I remember it feeling like rolling down a hill. It took us so long to climb up, but for better or worse we were now going down. I cried so much reading the final book, don’t think I have cried that much reading a book ever. I got so attached to these characters, I have been reading these books for a couple of years so it was hard to see the inevitable fate of some but “Into each life some rain must fall”.

Just had a big sigh thinking about it even now. All in all though, I was satisfied with the ending to the series. King isn’t known for the best endings, and I am sure some were not happy with this one but I thought it was pretty apt and fitting for how the rest of the series went. Even though I warned of spoilers I still don’t want to write too much about the ending here, although it would be nice to discuss it with someone I don’t want to ruin it for anyone either.

So 2013 reading is done. I am one book short of my goal for 2013, but it was a bear of a year, so much stress and very busy as well. I did read two books halfway through so technically I read 13 but it doesn’t really count. 2014 I am aiming for 26 but things have calmed down in my life (plus I got a ton of books for Xmas and my work gave us all Kindles for a holiday gift so I am all set!). I am looking forward to diving into a bunch of great books this upcoming year!


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