Fitness Log Nov 1-6 2013

I haven’t done a fitness log in a very long time but I have remained fairly consistently active this whole time so that is something to be proud of. Today I am getting a fitness assessment at my new gym and I am excited to see where I am at and to set some realistic goals for myself.

So I won’t promise how often I will do fitness logs, I see the value in it and I will try to do one every now and again. I do log all my fitness on MFP as well but it is nice sometimes to look at a week of exercise all lined up.

Nov 1 I did not make it to the gym for various reasons including a candy hangover and my ex having a baby.

Nov 2 – Got up early sat morning and the rain was pouring. I had eaten too much candy again and was looking forward to my first day at my new gym to work some of that off. I was planning to walk to the gym but the downpour of rain had other ideas. I drove over there and did my first workout on the Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) and I FELL IN LOVE! It is like an elliptical but kinda like a trampoline feeling as well. You can do different motions like stepping, running, elliptical and lunging. I did a full hour on that then did a bit of weights then stopped because I was feeling like I did too much. I did some good stretching and called it a day.

Nov 3 – Got up at a decent time on Sunday as well. Loving that I am keeping good sleep hygiene (I work in sleep health care) and drove back over to the gym. I did 40 mins on the AMT then did the circuit in the ladies only part of my gym. I absolutely love my new gym but I haven’t been to a co-ed gym for a few years to the co-ed section of the weights area intimidates me a bit. I need to get over that but it is what it is. I enjoyed the circuit, there is a machine there with bike pedals for your arms to turn, maybe will help get my arms toned up more. After the circuit I again did a nice stretch.

Nov 4 – Monday morning workout! I was up almost right at opening time. My old gym opened at 6 and my new one is 5:30 so the extra time is nice since I start work at 8 and have between a 15-70 min commute to work (I work in a couple different locations). I did the AMT again for 45 mins. I am not sure if I stretched after or not.

Nov 5 – Tuesday – I decided to go to the gym after work to allow myself a bit of a sleep in since it was a long commute day. I packed up my stuff and decided to also go for a walk or run on my lunch break. I had again overeaten the night before and needed to shake myself out of it. The weather cooperated enough that I was able to get a nice 40 min jog in. I walked only small parts of that and did a nice slow jog for the rest and even a medium paced jog for part of it. I have always felt that I hated running. I trained for a 10K a couple years ago and decided after that I was finished running. I have always wanted to take up trail running though, kinda seems like rapid hiking to me and might be just perfect for me. Yesterday my run took me through a path that used to be a railway and is now a trail with community gardens in it.

So I could have let that workout be enough for the day but like I said, I had some mistakes to pay for so I went to the gym after dinner as well. I tend to lose motivation in the evenings and also tend to overeat at that time. Maybe until I work through this I need to do some evening workouts because I am unlikely to stuff my face while working out at the gym. I did 35 mins on the AMT last night and feel pretty great today because of it.

I am a tiny bit sore today, skipping the stretching the last two days was a mistake. My neck started to hurt after my run so I have been trying to loosen that up with some stretching. My legs are a tiny bit sore, but a bit of stretching there should fix that up.

So after I do my fitness assessment I will come back on here and make myself a goals plan to finish of 2013 strong!!


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