Fitness Assessment and New Goals

So I just got back from my fitness assessment appointment. Overall it went about as expected, although I was surprised that the trainer I met did not like the idea of MFP or fitbit, but I guess it takes business away from them if people are able to figure out most of their fitness stuff on their own. I get her point that MFP is just an estimation, but with the fitbit it is much more accurate and I really use it as a guideline anyways.

So on to the numbers and my plan to improve them. Out of everything, the only things that they recorded that was in a healthy range was my blood pressure which is not surprising since it is always decent and also my heart rate is in a good range but will come down as I become more fit. My weight, water intake and body fat% all need work. This is not a surprise and instead of thinking of it as a negative I am thinking of it as a starting point for the next step in my evolution.

Starting with hydration level, mine was 39.6L or 50.4% which isn’t all that bad but should be around 60% so I need to focus on drinking more water. I know that I don’t always drink enough so I will have to focus more on this. I need to find and carry around my water bottle and maybe add lemon more as it makes me drink more and is supposed to have many positive benefits as well.

Today my weight was 173 which is about right as I weighed in at home this morning at 169 and I had more clothes on at the gym (and every scale is different). I would like to see this down around 10lbs but I will be using my home scale so my next goal will be to be 159lbs which I think I can achieve by year’s end.

Body fat % was 34.7 which means for me I have 28lbs of unhealthy fat to lose. I would like an overall weight loss of about 24lbs but as I get more fit my muscle tone will increase but likely my weight and body fat % goals will meet somewhere in the middle. I have access to a body fat % scale and the last time I used it it was pretty close to what I saw today so it seems accurate, I will use that at year’s end to check my progress.

So to summarize my goals for now until the end of the year (and beyond!)

  • Drink more WATER, I will start with a daily goal of 2.5L per day
  • Keep up my workouts, I should be doing 45 min workouts 4 times a week (minimum)
  • Keep logging on MFP with a focus on eating more calories (found out I need at least 1500 per day) Eating more is not an excuse to go nuts, I have to ensure they are healthy calories. This will require more meal planning and careful shopping as I am trying to stick to a budget also.

So overall lots of good things to think about and focus on as I enjoy my new gym and start working harder to start meeting some of my goals. I will check in with myself and these goals at the end of the month or as needed if I feel I need a kick in the ass.



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