Book Reviews: Long Way Down by Nick Hornby

long way down

So this was not a big year for me and reading clearly. This is another audio book review because what I did have a lot of this year as driving. Nick Hornby is another author that I will pretty much read anything that he puts forth so that is why I gave “A Long Way Down” a listen to. It was an interesting book to listen to as it is a story told from multiple perspectives and they decided to use multiple voice actors to read this tale. It made things amusing as you get to hear the actors impersonate the other characters in funny voices.

On the surface this does not seem to be a funny story, as it is about suicide but somehow Hornby makes it fun. We meet our four main characters as they each plan to jump off a building on New Year’s Eve. They all end up there at the same time and decide rather than jumping to try to help each other through their issues. They are all very different from each other so it makes things interesting to see how these oddballs relate to each other.

Overall I enjoyed this book but was unsatisfied a bit with the ending. I am excited to see that this seems to be getting made into a movie with Aaron Paul, AP can do no wrong!


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