Fitness Assessment and New Goals

So I just got back from my fitness assessment appointment. Overall it went about as expected, although I was surprised that the trainer I met did not like the idea of MFP or fitbit, but I guess it takes business away from them if people are able to figure out most of their fitness stuff on their own. I get her point that MFP is just an estimation, but with the fitbit it is much more accurate and I really use it as a guideline anyways.

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Book Reviews: Wizard and Glass by Stephen King

wiz and glass

Ok so this is my last pending book review. In all honesty I started reading this book last year then didn’t finish. It is on my nook which I had put aside for a while but I packed it up on my recent trip to Jamaica and finished reading it on the beach (and in my cabin during a hellish day of heat exhaustion). Wizard and Glass is the 4th book in the Dark Tower Series. Here are the links to my reviews of the first three books.

It should go without saying that if you have not read the series and plan to that a review of book 4 will likely contain some spoilers.

Wizard and Glass doesn’t move the story along very much as most of it takes place in flashback to Roland’s youth. Not to say that Roland’s story was not interesting but it did drag on for a really long time. I guess reading the Dark Tower is a journey in and of itself. We get to see how Roland became a gunslinger, and his days riding with his two closest compatriots and how he fell in love for the first time.┬áIt is a lovely and heartbreaking tale, we know most of Roland’s associates are doomed but once we get to know them through the book it is hard to see their inevitable fate.

Even though there is not much progress in the big picture story of this series, Wizard and Glass was a vivid tale that I enjoyed reading and I look forward to working my way through the remaining four books in this saga. Now that I am all caught up on reviews I can get back to reading!

Book Reviews: Long Way Down by Nick Hornby

long way down

So this was not a big year for me and reading clearly. This is another audio book review because what I did have a lot of this year as driving. Nick Hornby is another author that I will pretty much read anything that he puts forth so that is why I gave “A Long Way Down” a listen to. It was an interesting book to listen to as it is a story told from multiple perspectives and they decided to use multiple voice actors to read this tale. It made things amusing as you get to hear the actors impersonate the other characters in funny voices.

On the surface this does not seem to be a funny story, as it is about suicide but somehow Hornby makes it fun. We meet our four main characters as they each plan to jump off a building on New Year’s Eve. They all end up there at the same time and decide rather than jumping to try to help each other through their issues. They are all very different from each other so it makes things interesting to see how these oddballs relate to each other.

Overall I enjoyed this book but was unsatisfied a bit with the ending. I am excited to see that this seems to be getting made into a movie with Aaron Paul, AP can do no wrong!

Book Reviews: Joyland by Stephen King

So it is pretty much a given that I will read every Stephen King book put in front of me (except 11/22/63 which has been on my shelf almost 2 years and I haven’t yet cracked the spine, maybe some day). So when I was seeking out a new audiobook to entertain me on my long drive days I stumbled upon this one and it didn’t take long for me to decide that it was for me.

Joyland is the tale of Devin Jones who takes a summer job at an amusement park and it ends up changing his life. He makes new friends, finds a hidden talent in himself and also a murder mystery to solve and maybe even a ghost! It is not great literature but it was entertaining enough to me. Not a book I would go out of my way to recommend to someone but if they asked me about it I would say, pretty much what I just said above.

Sorry for the short review, but I have a few to write here and I gotta keep moving through them.

Protein Brownies

To help curb all my night munchies of candy cookies and crap I decided to do some healthy baking. I have a bit of a baking gift, I don’t really need to follow a recipe and things generally still turn out amazing. I decided to try to make some protein brownies so that I could fulfill whatever I was missing that keeps making me overeat at night. Also I figure that if I overeat something with decent nutrients in it, that is better than just eating junk.


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Fitness Log Nov 1-6 2013

I haven’t done a fitness log in a very long time but I have remained fairly consistently active this whole time so that is something to be proud of. Today I am getting a fitness assessment at my new gym and I am excited to see where I am at and to set some realistic goals for myself.

So I won’t promise how often I will do fitness logs, I see the value in it and I will try to do one every now and again. I do log all my fitness on MFP as well but it is nice sometimes to look at a week of exercise all lined up.

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