Gratitude 10/18/13



I have not written a gratitude post in a long time, well that is because I haven’t written anything in a long time. However, I haven’t forgotten to be grateful for the many things that I have. I came back on here to complete another book review but felt that I needed to write this first. Today on Facebook I saw a post reading “Happiness will never come to those who don’t appreciate what they already have.” I could not put it better myself.

So at this point in time I have so many things to be grateful for and that is my #1 thing that I will be grateful for today. Some days you get boggled down in the muck and you have to think hard for something to be thankful for but today my cup runneth over.

Yesterday I celebrated the birthday of my partner of 5 years. We started dating just after his birthday 5 years ago, although I don’t know the exact date so I usually just count it around this time. Our time together has been far from perfect. In fact, 1 year ago today we were broken up and going through a hellish time. I’d rather not focus too much on that, only to state how far we have come in the past year. Our reunion did not go perfectly at first, well nothing ever is, but it has been a good long while of effort towards a better relationship and we really have achieved something quite special now. We both have found even more things that we have in common and have been on many adventures together and we will continue to work together towards a life that we both want.

My son got one of the leads in his school play, and it is the same play that I did almost 20 years ago (yup I’m old, lol) It inspires me to see him enjoying the arts much like I did when I was younger. He is fortunate to have a school program that is so involved. So for that I am grateful as well.

Also the last year of my life was overcome with stress from my professional situation. I don’t want to speak too soon as I have been burned in the past (4 trainees in 1 year, they finally realized they needed 2 people to replace me) but it really seems that I can move on towards my new professional goals which will allow me to work towards my other professional goals that do not involve respiratory specifically.  I want to take all the knowledge I have learned over the last several years and help others acheive healthier lives. I am not sure exactly how I will do that, but it has been on my mind for some time and being on here is one of my first steps.

And not for nothing, it is Friday, it is sunny and I am just blissfully happy! What more can a girl ask for?


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