Dusting off my Blog

I have been MIA for several months because things went crazy but mostly in a positive way, never fear.  This summer saw me doing a ton of hiking, and even a couple of backpacking trips. I recommitted to my health and wellness goals and have been back logging on MFP and hitting the gym on top of my outdoor workouts. I purchased a new fitbit which is keeping me very motivated as well. I am always open to more friends on either of those sites so feel free to add me if you like.

Also this summer I helped organize and promote Veg Fest Vancouver which is an annual Vegan street festival. I had a great time doing that and it was great to get to know more of the local vegan community.

This fall has already been amazing. John took me on an incredible trip to Jamaica and planning for it was very exciting and also motivating since I knew there would be bikiini pics (overall I am happy with the way I looked in the photos which is not how I normally feel but I am working towards more positivity and acceptance, I have a bit of work to do but I am happy with where I am today as well.)

Now I have joined a new gym, starting Nov 1. This new gym will give me more flexibility with hours and locations and equipment so I am really excited to get started. I have a fitness assessment for Nov 6 so I will keep up my great work to be sure I get a good report and I am looking forward to seeing how I can better work towards my goals.

I have several book reviews to catch up on as well. It was hard to even remember which ones I had read and almost forgot 2. It looks like I will meet my 1/4 Cannonball goal of 13 books since I have read 9 and have 2 half read on my virtual shelf.

I will leave you with some pics from my summer and fall adventures.


IMG_4262 IMG_4264 IMG_4292IMG_4318IMG_4373 IMG_4377 IMG_4441 IMG_4445 IMG_4528 IMG_4575 IMG_4629 IMG_4631 IMG_4742 IMG_4820 IMG_5130 IMG_5156 IMG_5176 IMG_5217 IMG_5376 IMG_5422 IMG_5551IMG_5632 IMG_5666IMG_5716


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