Feeling Pretty Darn Wonderful!

Things are really looking up it seems. I am 13 days into clean eating and with only minor cheats I have stuck to my goals. Sunday we did a beach day and I was feeling that I had too many “can’ts” in my life so I decided to have a bit of a treat and I had caramel vodka in the fridge which my man helpfully suggested would go really well with Zevia rootbeer (sweetened with stevia) and he was SOOOO right 😉 I only had two drinks and didn’t let that derail my eating the rest of the day. The beach was fun, a bit chilly here still though, but I did bust out the bikini for a bit because I am trying to be more comfortable with my body no matter what my size may be.IMG_3889[1]

This week I have tried a few new recipes, I made these apple cinnamon ones that turned out perfect. Very satisfying and delish! I also made these which are also delish but mine turned out too moist so I will tweak the recipe a bit next time. Likely my bananas were too large (that’s what he said) and also I was out of oats so added walnut flour instead so that may have been part of it.


Also we have had brown rice spaghetti with a lovely tomato sauce that I had in my freezer. It was nice to be able to whip together a really healthy meal in no time at all thanks to a previous cooking day. On Monday I made roasted cauliflower, mmmm! Tuesday we had sauteed green beans with chopped almonds. I really cannot say enough how much I love having a ninja food processor. It has a little cup for chopping and a big mug for smoothies. I have been making smoothies every morning and putting them in a glass bottle to take to work, it is excellent!

I am still needing to add more fitness to my life, but one step at a time. I feel so great now with just the diet changes, and really that is key. I will incorporate fitness in soon, but I don’t want to pressure myself that is the biggest thing. I have been doing a bit of walking and will start by increasing that before I head back to they gym. Sunshine time is here so I see a lot of hiking and trails in my near future.

I have been drinking a lot of water as well, and this week I started adding in fresh mint leaves as well. They are really refreshing and they say it has other health benefits as well. But for me it helps me drink more of it and I feel better when I drink a lot of water.

I also have been reading more lately which really does make me happier. I am reading a couple of different books right now on my kindle app and I am looking forward to writing some more book reviews soon as well.


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