Book Reviews – Dead Ever After

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So I will admit that I really rushed the last book review so I thought that I had better just move on and try to be more eloquent this time. It is sometimes hard to come up with something interesting to say about each book, espescially if it has been a while since I finished reading it so I will resolve to write my reviews sooner in the future. I am still light years behind most of my co-cannonballers but I am Ok with that because I said this year I was just going to take it easy since I busted it the past 3 years and finally made my goal of 52 books and reviews in a year. I really do enjoy writing the reviews and reading the books (even if I am self-conscious about my reviewing skills I am just doing this for fun so who cares)

So on to the show. I had forgotten to look out for this book until I read Malin’s review so I downloaded the book post haste. I didn’t get a chance to read it right away but once I did I jammed through the book fairly fast. I know that many people have issues with the documentation of mundane events in the books. I also do not really care about Sookie’s trip to Walmart but it is pretty cute that she goes shopping with a bunch of supes and divvies up the list to everyone. I don’t mind those aspects as much because Harris writes the characters in such a way that I don’t mind tagging along with them on errands and such. And often when on a random errand, something else does occur.

But I will admit that the book was a bit heavy on filler, and perhaps it is best that the series is retired. I did have a slight feeling of emptiness that happens when I finish reading a book that I really enjoyed, and this was intensified by the fact that I had read 13 books with these same characters. I wish that the final book had a bit more action or something like that to it, but there was enough to keep me entertained.  Like some others, I was not super pleased with the ending, but overall I think it did work for Sookie and I wish her well. Let’s hope she can finally just live in peace, get a tan, make sweet tea and be happy.


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