Book Reviews – Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion


So since my clean eating last week I feel I have much more energy and I am ready to take on some items on my personal to do list. One of those things is to write some reviews. I have read several books so I will make a point of putting pen to paper so to speak. I was lucky enough to have won an iPad at my Xmas party and mostly I have used it for games and browsing but I have yet to really try it for blogging. It is challenging because I type quite fast and I don’t have enough practice on here to type as fast as I think. But the more practice I get the faster I will get so here we go.

I read Warm Bodies a while back in advance to watching the movie. At this time I am of the opinion that reading the book first is better because I think I generally find more enjoyment in a book than in a movie. Or rather maybe it seems that way because you get pleasure from a book for longer. I will admit it sometimes spoils the movie because I tend to really notice all the little things that they changed. In the case of Warm Bodies however although there were differences I appreciated them both but in different ways.

For anyone not familiar, Warm Bodies is a zombie romance story. It is a story about hope, tolerance and rebirth. We are introduced to a world full of zombies by or narrator, R. He calls himself R as he cannot recall his name although he believes that was the first letter. He is a zombie and is surrounded by many of his kind. They live in an abandoned airport and usually only venture out to find food. Food to a zombie is of course human flesh and the filet mignon of human flesh is the brain. In this world, when a zombie eats the brain the zombie is able to see some of the person’s memories. On one of these hunting trips, R meets Julie and becomes enamored with her then takes her home to the airport and keeps her safe in his airplane apartment.

R has always been a zombie who wanted more out of his existence, but now having met Julie something powerful has awoken inside him. The story evolves from there and is really a sweet tale. I won’t spoil the plot further by saying more but I really enjoyed reading this tale. I am really a sucker for a story about hope and possibility, it is right up there is the title of my blog.


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