Fitness Logs Jan 15 – April 24

There is really no way for me to catch up on all of my fitness for the past almost 3 months. As I stated in an earlier post, things became extremely hectic at work and things became incredibly stressful for me so blogging was one of the casualties in that war.  The good news is that I still managed to maintain a decent level of exercise during that time and although I haven’t really lost weight, I have increased my fitness and I am very proud. I do have a progress picture to share, the one on the right was taken in October 2012 and I reported the weight at 180 but I might have been a bit higher and in denial, and the one on the right is 170.












I have since started weight training and I am finding it very helpful as I have some injuries to my shoulders and I am finding the weight training helpful in strengthening up the sore areas, although I still need to focus more on stretching and possibly going to physio. I am finding that my under arm bumps are getting smaller which makes me happy as that is one of my least favorite trouble zones. I am starting to notice an improvement in the appearance of my arms in general as seen in this photo of me and my kid’s pet Gecko.









I am obviously not 100% where I want to be but I am happy with my progress so far. I have days where I wish that the scale would start to drop more, but I am getting compliments and I feel much fitter so I am focusing on that. I did measure yesterday and I am pretty consistent with my last measurements which were in 2010 so it is good to know that my weight is fairly consistent.

I did my first skiing day in Whistler in mid-April and it was amazing! We skied for something like 8 hours with minimal breaks so it was a great fitness day as well as a great learning day for me. I felt nervous going there because it is supposed to be a difficult mountain, but there is really so much terrain for every skill level that it was a non-issue. I even got bored just doing green runs so I decided to try some blues as well and I did really well. I haven’t been skiing since due to my hectic schedule but there is still a bit of time left and after that it is hiking season!

IMG_3255 IMG_3262


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