Fitness Logs Jan 15 – April 24

There is really no way for me to catch up on all of my fitness for the past almost 3 months. As I stated in an earlier post, things became extremely hectic at work and things became incredibly stressful for me so blogging was one of the casualties in that war.  The good news is that I still managed to maintain a decent level of exercise during that time and although I haven’t really lost weight, I have increased my fitness and I am very proud. I do have a progress picture to share, the one on the right was taken in October 2012 and I reported the weight at 180 but I might have been a bit higher and in denial, and the one on the right is 170.












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Book Reviews – Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr


For the past few years I have taken part in a reading challenge called Cannonball Read. I had the goal of reading 52 books in a year and last year on my third try I finally achieved this goal. I did really enjoy the community and all the reading and writing of reviews so I decided to keep going, but not to really have a set goal in mind as this year I am focusing more on my health and fitness goals. Here we are and it is almost May and I haven’t even posted a single review. I have read a few books but I haven’t made the time to post any reviews so I am going to make that happen today. I had a blog exclusively for book reviews but since I won’t be doing as many this year I decided to move them over here. The first book is actually quite appropriate with the theme of my blog, but I won’t be exclusively reading health and wellness books, there will be fiction and various other non-fiction books as well.

I decided to read “Crazy Sexy Diet” by Kris Carr after seeing her in the documentary “Hungry for Change“. I was very motivated at the start of the year to learn more about eating clean and plant based diets so naturally reading this book really appealed to me. Overall I really enjoyed this read and it helped me stay focused on my goals at a time where I needed the help. There are some things in this book that I would prefer not to follow (like giving myself an enema) but to each their own I suppose.

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Long Time No See

I have just three minutes before work starts but I haven’t blogged in a really long time and I am ready to make it a priority again. Things have been ultra hectic at work so I haven’t had the emotional energy to commit to blogging, but I really miss it. I have a lot of goals that I am really excited about and blogging is a big part of that for me. I haven’t lost track of my health and fitness goals, even with my stress, I have made exercise a priority and have also added weight training in the last few weeks as well. Nutrition has been touch and go, but overall I have done OK. I am refocusing on nutrition this week, as well as trying to kick up my workouts a notch again.

So this is not much of a post, but at least it is something. More to come soon.