Gratitude 1/18/13

Today was a challenging day for a few reasons that I don’t want to dwell on, onward and upward and staying positive. Overall things are heading in the right direction and I am staying focused on my goals. I have been doing the Thrive Forward lessons and one thing that I read on there (among many good tips) was to make things easier for yourself when trying to adopt a whole foods diet is to get organic produce delivered and today was my first delivery from

I have wanted to get a produce box delivered for a long time now but I had forgotten about it until I read that so it was great to finally get my first delivery. I have big plans for all of the ingredients within it. I am making a beet salad with walnut “cream cheese”, a veggie loaf, smoothies, and something with yams but I’m not sure what. There is a bunch of pears and apples for my son’s snacks and broccoli for his lunches as well.

So today I am grateful for planning ahead, for treating myself to vegetables instead of junk food and for beautiful fresh produce, it really is divine.



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