It Totally Tastes Like Beets Smoothie


Yesterday I made a yummy smoothie that had a ton of spinach in it but I couldn’t taste it at all so I called it “I can’t believe it has spinach” smoothie. (Next time I make it I will take a pic so I can post a complete recipe). Then in the evening I made up my breakfast smoothie because I had a really early morning today so all I had to do wad give it a quick burst on the blender.

I used a recipe from Vega’s fb page but altered it slightly due to personal taste and what I had in the kitchen. It was meant to be a red velvet smoothie but it really tastes like beets.

It’s still pretty delicious, but I really like beets. It’s interesting how your taste buds change as you start to eat clean. I am two weeks in now and I feel wonderful. I’m tired right now but that’s because I have a demanding travel schedule this week but I’m getting as much rest as I can while still making my health a priority.

See the recipe after the break

Now for the recipe. Remember with smoothies it’s all about experimenting to see what you like as far as flavours and textures and sometimes you just have to improvise depending on what you have in your kitchen. Sometimes it will turn out yummy and sometimes you have to choke it down but eventually you will find what works for you. I’ve been having a smoothie every morning, it’s a great start to the day.

1/2 cup almond milk (or other non dairy milk)
1/2 cup raw beets, chopped
1 scoop vega one chocolate (or chocolate hemp protein powder)
1/2 cup frozen fruit (all I had were blueberries but raspberries or mixed fruit would be good)
1/2 cup spinach
Water as needed for consistency

Place all in the blender and blend to desired consistency and enjoy!


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