Gratitude 1/16/13


Today I am grateful for the variety that my new job role in my company is giving me. The past two years I held a challenging position where I was chained to a desk dealing with triage, death and a lot of complaints (home oxygen). Then 4 months ago I was given the opportunity that I had requested to be able to change departments to sleep care (OSA) and now I work all over the lower mainland with the occasional trip to the Sunshine Coast (like today).

It’s demanding on my time some days, going to Vancouver I am out of the house for 12 hours with travel time. But I am working in a much more positive environment and I feel that I can actually help these people rather then just make their death more comfortable.

It is leading me towards my long term goals as well. I am hoping to parlay my own health goals and knowledge into a career as well. I am passionate about health and wellness and if I can find a way to make that my career well wouldn’t that be grand. I am looking into schooling for nutrition but in the meantime I am making myself my first client. If I can succeed then I can lead others along.


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