Vega Avocado Walnut Dip

I made this one about a week ago from the Vega Facebook page. I can’t direct link to the recipe so I will re-post the recipe with a link to their page. There are lots of recipes and many other excellent tips and other things on there. I am doing Thrive Forward among my other education and support for my new lifestyle and I can’t recommend Vega and their products and education highly enough. Vega has always been my go-to when I need to get my nutrition back on track.

Vega Holiday Recipes: Avocado Walnut Dip

2 ripe avocados
½ cup raw walnuts
¼ cup fresh lime juice
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
½ cup Vega Antioxidant Omega Oil

Add all ingredients into a blender or food processor and blend on med-high until smoothie. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Serve with your favourite veggies!

Here is my picture of the finished product. I enjoyed the taste, but next time I will half the recipe as I don’t like to prepare avocados too far in advance because they tend to go brown. The lime juice should help with that but I am paranoid, lol.




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