Fitness Logs for Jan 1-15

This won’t be much of a fitness log because I haven’t kept notes or anything but it will be more of an update on my progress so far in January. After struggling much of the past year I think I have finally figured this thing out. I know that I have said this before, but I meant it every time. I have stumbled and gotten up again each time. I have gained 20 lbs since last year but I am still at a weight that I was at 2 years ago which is a 30 lb loss. Statistically people on diets gain back more weight than they lost in the first place so I am happy that even though I stumbled that I didn’t let things go too far.

So with all that said, along with a whole foods plant based diet I am enjoying fitness this year as well. My two main avenues for exercise so far this year have been skiing and the gym. I have been doing “Ski Sundays” and then going to the gym several mornings each week to do the elliptical. I do enjoy the elliptical, probably due to the endorphins and the upbeat music that I listen to.

I have really been enjoying skiing, although I had a fall this sunday that has left me with a softball sized bruise on my leg. I wasn’t even doing anything fancy, I just hit an icy bump at the bottom of the run and went down hard. Oh well what can you do?

It is so beautiful up on Grouse mountain, here are some pictures that I have taken. Follow me on twitter or Instagram to see more @allibaba77


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