Gratitude 1/18/13

Today was a challenging day for a few reasons that I don’t want to dwell on, onward and upward and staying positive. Overall things are heading in the right direction and I am staying focused on my goals. I have been doing the Thrive Forward lessons and one thing that I read on there (among many good tips) was to make things easier for yourself when trying to adopt a whole foods diet is to get organic produce delivered and today was my first delivery from

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Gratitude 1/16/13


Today I am grateful for the variety that my new job role in my company is giving me. The past two years I held a challenging position where I was chained to a desk dealing with triage, death and a lot of complaints (home oxygen). Then 4 months ago I was given the opportunity that I had requested to be able to change departments to sleep care (OSA) and now I work all over the lower mainland with the occasional trip to the Sunshine Coast (like today).

It’s demanding on my time some days, going to Vancouver I am out of the house for 12 hours with travel time. But I am working in a much more positive environment and I feel that I can actually help these people rather then just make their death more comfortable.

It is leading me towards my long term goals as well. I am hoping to parlay my own health goals and knowledge into a career as well. I am passionate about health and wellness and if I can find a way to make that my career well wouldn’t that be grand. I am looking into schooling for nutrition but in the meantime I am making myself my first client. If I can succeed then I can lead others along.

It Totally Tastes Like Beets Smoothie


Yesterday I made a yummy smoothie that had a ton of spinach in it but I couldn’t taste it at all so I called it “I can’t believe it has spinach” smoothie. (Next time I make it I will take a pic so I can post a complete recipe). Then in the evening I made up my breakfast smoothie because I had a really early morning today so all I had to do wad give it a quick burst on the blender.

I used a recipe from Vega’s fb page but altered it slightly due to personal taste and what I had in the kitchen. It was meant to be a red velvet smoothie but it really tastes like beets.

It’s still pretty delicious, but I really like beets. It’s interesting how your taste buds change as you start to eat clean. I am two weeks in now and I feel wonderful. I’m tired right now but that’s because I have a demanding travel schedule this week but I’m getting as much rest as I can while still making my health a priority.

See the recipe after the break

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Vega Avocado Walnut Dip

I made this one about a week ago from the Vega Facebook page. I can’t direct link to the recipe so I will re-post the recipe with a link to their page. There are lots of recipes and many other excellent tips and other things on there. I am doing Thrive Forward among my other education and support for my new lifestyle and I can’t recommend Vega and their products and education highly enough. Vega has always been my go-to when I need to get my nutrition back on track.

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Gratitude 1/15/13

Today I am grateful for the man in my life. We have been together over 4 years and although nothing is perfect, we really have something great together.

Two years ago I decided to become a vegetarian and I have gotten nothing but support from him. He is making his own strides towards a meat free life as well and is always the first person that I go to with a new recipe or health fact. We sometimes have debates about these things (about most things really) but there is nothing like having someone to discuss things from all angles.

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Fitness Logs for Jan 1-15

This won’t be much of a fitness log because I haven’t kept notes or anything but it will be more of an update on my progress so far in January. After struggling much of the past year I think I have finally figured this thing out. I know that I have said this before, but I meant it every time. I have stumbled and gotten up again each time. I have gained 20 lbs since last year but I am still at a weight that I was at 2 years ago which is a 30 lb loss. Statistically people on diets gain back more weight than they lost in the first place so I am happy that even though I stumbled that I didn’t let things go too far.

So with all that said, along with a whole foods plant based diet I am enjoying fitness this year as well. My two main avenues for exercise so far this year have been skiing and the gym. I have been doing “Ski Sundays” and then going to the gym several mornings each week to do the elliptical. I do enjoy the elliptical, probably due to the endorphins and the upbeat music that I listen to.

I have really been enjoying skiing, although I had a fall this sunday that has left me with a softball sized bruise on my leg. I wasn’t even doing anything fancy, I just hit an icy bump at the bottom of the run and went down hard. Oh well what can you do?

It is so beautiful up on Grouse mountain, here are some pictures that I have taken. Follow me on twitter or Instagram to see more @allibaba77

Thoughts on Juicing

Just finished watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” because my boyfriend wants to buy a juicer, but I think that smoothies are better. I did some googling and found a great blog that I will be reading lots of for sure and she mentioned this doc and I have heard about it a lot lately so I thought I would watch it and see.

I really enjoyed it, although I did have some issues with it I think that it was a good way to get the message across. It did make me want to buy a juicer but I think I will save my money for a better blender instead. I won’t be doing a juice fast but I think that for me doing a clean eating diet with smoothies every day and lots of water will achieve a similar effect. I have been to the gym the last 4 days and today since my gym opens later I did a bunch of stairs at the office before work.

This weekend I plan to do a bunch more cooking and I couldn’t be happier to be off of processed foods and junk.