Fitness Log 12/28/12

So yesterday I had a couple of glasses of wine and decided that I didn’t care and I was just going to eat everything in sight. Sigh. Oh well today is a new day and at least I did a good job on my exercise yesterday. Today I have already gotten a good start to the day as it is 8:55 and I have already done my first set of calisthenics for the day. I did the same as yesterday but added a couple of reps and a couple of new items.

  1. 30 wall pushups
  2. 20 squats
  3. 20 tricep raises
  4. 40 side leg lifts (20 each side)
  5. 40 crunches
  6. 30 reverse crunches
  7. 1 60 sec plank

I do have a busy day today but I will get at least one more set of exercises in. I think that I might change it up and do different exercises, I know that I had trouble yesterday with the tricep raises so I might skip those or maybe do a smaller set.

I have packed Vega today as well as I have almonds to snack on. I don’t have a water bottle in this office, but I think there are some cups here so I can drink some fluids and hopefully flush out some of the junk I ate last night. I would like to say that I will do better today, but there is still junk in the house so I will do my best. As soon as it is all gone I will be a happy person. I am ready to eat clean and try out lots of new healthy recipes in 2013.

**Update** My afternoon exercises were as follows:

  1. 30 wall pushups
  2. 20 squats
  3. 10 tricep raises
  4. 450 Jumping Jacks
  5. 40 crunches
  6. 30 reverse crunches

I have stayed on my food plan all day as well and I have a plan for a healthy dinner and I am going to make a slow cooker soup as well, hoo ya!


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