Gratitude 12/28/12

Today I will keep it simple, I am grateful today for a new day, for possibilities, for hope and for starting over. Each day is a gift, a chance to make our lives what we want them to become. Results may take time to show up, but each step that you take gets you closer to where you want to be.



Fitness Log 12/28/12

So yesterday I had a couple of glasses of wine and decided that I didn’t care and I was just going to eat everything in sight. Sigh. Oh well today is a new day and at least I did a good job on my exercise yesterday. Today I have already gotten a good start to the day as it is 8:55 and I have already done my first set of calisthenics for the day. I did the same as yesterday but added a couple of reps and a couple of new items.

  1. 30 wall pushups
  2. 20 squats
  3. 20 tricep raises
  4. 40 side leg lifts (20 each side)
  5. 40 crunches
  6. 30 reverse crunches
  7. 1 60 sec plank

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Gratitude 12/27/12

I was just editing my exercise post for today and remembered that I was going to do a gratitude journal on here as well. Sigh, well consistency is one of the words in the title and something that I really need to work on. But today I am posting, and we will see what tomorrow brings.

Today I am thankful for my health. I haven’t treated my body all that well over the years and every day I try to do better but I often don’t do as well as I would like.  But overall I am a very healthy person, and the effort that I put in should only make me stronger. In my industry (health care) I deal with many ill people and so today I take a moment to be thankful that I still have the ability to try again, to exercise and to eat healthy.


Today is a New Day

I am not going to waste more than this sentence talking about how I fell off the wagon and blabbity blah. Today is a new day and I have started it off very well. I woke up bright and early, did a couple of chores around the house and was out the door at 6:35 and walking to the skytrain. I love that I am able to walk there from my new place in a brisk 10-15 mins. The cold air really helps me wake up a bit and get ready to take on the day. Then I read my book on the skytrain (now that I have met my 52 books in a year goal I am free to take my time and read longer and more challenging books, I got “Les Miserables” for free on my kindle app, I was inspired to read it after seeing the movie yesterday which was incredible, but very sad.) Anyways, after that I got on the bus and got off a couple of stops early, mainly for tea and a bagel but it still counts. I know that a bagel is not the best option for me, but it was a 12 grain bagel at least, and I got butter and not cream cheese and I got my tea black so it is not too bad. I have almonds here to snack on during the day and I have some rice noodles to cook here that are not bad for a convenience food.

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I am reading a great book right now called “Life is too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets” (Review to follow on my book review site later on) I have had this book for a couple of years but never got around to reading it. Now that I have moved into a new place, I want to make a fresh start and keep my home and life more organized. This book is just the right thing for me to be reading at this time.

I am only about 70 pages inn but one thing that I wanted to get started on was keeping a gratitude journal and I thought that this would be a good place to start on that. I am going to get back on my health and fitness and I will be coming back on here to post training logs and other stuff like that, but I am now going to add in gratitude journals as well.

I am not really sure how often I will post these or what kinds of things I will write, but why not just dive right in with a few things that I am grateful for.

  • My new place, so much room and an opportunity to have a fresh start and keep myself more organized
  • My son, so much positive energy and he makes me smile no matter what else is going on in my life
  • My job, even when it’s stressful I do love my job and it makes me feel smart and useful

I will start with that and add more next time.