Fitness Log Day 16: 10/4/12

Four weeks of consistent workouts. Feels pretty good, but would feel better if I hadn’t blown it last night and ate a bunch of chocolate. Oh well, nothing I can do about that now. I felt so yucky this morning because of it that I almost didn’t get my butt out of bed to go to the gym. I am very glad that I pushed myself to get there as I do feel very proud that I completed 4 weeks of workouts. I need to focus on the positive and use the negative as inspiration to work on the things that need fixing. If I can get out of bed every morning for a minimum 30 minute workout 4 days a week for 4 weeks, then I can surely use that perseverance to change my diet so that I am fueled properly to make myself a healthier person.

Last night I did make myself a healthy meal of spaghettini pesto with orange pepper and I made enough that I have dinner tonight as well (or lunch if I end up going home on break). I was able to go home yesterday and do the dishes so everything was nice in the kitchen and it was easy to cook. I think one of my big issues is that I am tired after work so I don’t feel like cooking then I just graze and munch and I end up overeating and also eating the wrong types of foods. I think that if I can plan some easy healthy meals that I like to eat then I can fix this problem. I already have a few recipes in my repertoire that I enjoy and it is fall so soon it will be a good time to use the slow cooker to cook up some stews and soups so there will be no excuse.


Today’s workout time: 6:45-7:30am at Gym

Workout: Elliptical 30 mins Rowing 10 mins

Energy before: 2.5

Energy after: 3

Comments: As I said, I am paying for last night’s indulgence but getting a workout in really helped me to feel a bit better. I did the mountain climb setting on the elliptical today, which sounds hard but I did level 1 so I could have pushed harder but since I wasn’t feeling well I didn’t. At least I did the rower, which I do enjoy and I am so happy that I am working in the Surrey office some days now as it gives me a lot of extra morning time since my gym is only around 5 minutes away from the office. My son is going to his Dad’s tomorrow so I think I will go for a workout after work. I imagine it will be super busy but if my elliptical is not free I can at least do a treadmill and a row. We will see how my day at work goes tomorrow as I might have a stressful day and then I will just want to go home and relax, but then again what better way to relieve stress than a workout.

Also this weekend I plan to take my son out somewhere, we are going to do a stair climb together in February so we need to train up. There is a place in White Rock that would be a good place to train. I was thinking Sunday morning as we are going to Vancouver’s first Comicon on Saturday. Also that would be a good day to exercise as Sunday is our Thanksgiving dinner so it would be a good idea to burn extra calories beforehand.


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