Fitness Log Day 14: 10/2/12

Halfway through week 4 already. I am not feeling that I am getting enough results and I really need to kick up the workouts a notch. Tomorrow and Thursday I am working in the Surrey office so I will have another 10 mins or so as the drive is not as long as my normal commute to Langley. I need to focus more on my healthy eating habits or I will never see the results I want to see. I don’t want to get too restrictive with “dieting” but I need to eat more throughout the day so that I won’t go to junk food when I am really hungry. I also need to get out of the habit of having sugary coffee or hot chocolate in the morning. It is very comforting and nice, but I am practically negating my workout with one sugary drink (not to mention that the cost does add up, even if it is just $2 a day at 711 that is still $40 a month if I go every workday).

Today’s workout time: 6:35-7:05am at Gym

Workout: Elliptical 30 mins

Energy before: 3

Energy after: 3.5

Comments: I did find something that I think will be a good read for the gym, it is something funny so I think that will be nice to read during a workout, but today I didn’t even turn the eReader on. I did have a good burn today though, I did the stair climb function on the elliptical and kept up a great pace throughout. I am feeling very motivated this morning and looking forward to keeping up my progress.


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