TGIF Again

Another Friday is upon us! I am pretty happy with my progress this week. I went to the gym Mon-Thurs and this morning I woke my son up early for a 20 min walk (was hoping for 30 mins but he was slow to get out of the house and I didn’t have enough time but it’s a start). Tomorrow we are going to a corn maze so that will be a good way to get some fun fitness in. Sunday depending on the weather we might do something active, but we will see. There are chores to be done around the house that will burn some calories and it is always a good feeling when all the chores are done.

Next week’s goals will be to continue my Mon-Thurs workouts in the morning at the gym. This week I would like at least one day to be a longer workout with some rowing machine thrown in there. I would also like to incorporate some weight training in there too. I will just have to get up a bit earlier and I think that I can do that at least one day next week. Also I am going to add in a Monday evening exercise with my son. He is thinking rollerblading outside so that should be fun. We will be getting exercise on next Friday morning as well, either walk or skate.

For nutrition I will keep making my progress there: vega shakes, almonds and snap peas are on the menu and we will see what else I add in there. The key for me right now is to keep up the active life and the rest will fall into place. I am feeling great and ready to keep it up! I am starting to see some results too so that makes it easier to keep it going.


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