Fitness Log Day 8: 9/20/12

So today was a milestone, it marks two weeks of consistent workouts before work. My gym is not open on Friday mornings so I have done a gym workout each possible morning before work. Today I almost didn’t go. Last night I wasn’t feeling super well, I am in a transition phase at work, training my replacement and starting to take on a new role so it is a bit stressful. Also I gave notice to my son’s paper route which I have mixed feelings about as it is a great source of exercise for him but the scheduling just isn’t working out so I had to do it. In any case, I kicked myself out of bed and made it to the gym and I am very proud that I did.

Today’s workout time: 6:35-7:05am at Gym

Workout: Elliptical 30 mins

Energy before: 2.5

Energy after: 3.5

Comments: Again I brought my eReader and it is really the way to go for me. I am still trying to finish my reading for CBR4 so it kills two birds with one stone. I did the glute workout today which was excellent, I really worked up a nice sweat. I kept thinking I had forgotten something and indeed I forgot my shampoo and conditioner which isn’t great but I was still able to shower which I am sure my coworkers appreciate. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. This weekend I am planning to do some active things, perhaps a corn maze or a walk by the beach. Stay tuned!


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