Fitness Log Day 4: 9/13/12

Day four back at the gym! I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday but I did the workout and that is what really matters.

Today’s workout time: 6:40-7:20am at Gym

Workout: Elliptical 30 mins, ab raise 10 mins

Energy before: 2.5

Energy after: 3.5

Comments: Nothing particular stands out about this workout, energy was better than yesterday and I was not feeling much in the way of cold symptoms so it must have been a false alarm. It felt good to be there every morning that week. Fridays they open later so it is not an option to go there before work.


Nothing before workout again, I am just not ready to eat that early. I will have to think harder about plans to get something into me before a workout to see how it affects my performance.

Breakfast 7:45 am at work: Vega Energizing Smoothie half natural half berry with spirulina

Lunch 1pm: 2 mini bagels with organic cream cheese and Med hot chocolate from Tim Hortons

Dinner 5:30pm – Low on groceries so I just munched on a variety of things, and had Mr Noodles. Not the best day eating wise.

Snacks – Not the best day for snacking, I didn’t eat my almonds and then a coworker brought in chocolate so I had some.

Drinks: Diluted coconut water during my workout, water and spiced chai with no sugar at work, coconut water and 1oz of brandy after work

Not the best day food wise, but not the worst either. Today is payday so I will be able to get healthy groceries and also I am getting chocolate vega powder, mmm!


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