Winter Plans

I am very happy that I have chosen this time to restart my health and fitness (although of course I wish I hadn’t faltered in the first place but all I can do is improve). I was feeling a bit down that technically summer is over but it is still quite beautiful here (although it is chilly at night for sure). But luckily there is a light at the end of the tunnel, soon it will be winter and that means skiing!! I just started skiing in February 2010 so it is still new and exciting to me. I am at a level now where I am still learning but I am good enough that I can really have fun and challenge myself as well.  The good news is that since I am starting now, I will be in great shape by the time the winter season starts.

This year I have decided to add in snowshoeing as well, I am very excited about that. I haven’t been snowshoeing since I was a kid and I think it will be a great way to tie in my love for hiking with my love for winter sports. Also I am excited to take my son snowshoeing for the first time. Also Grouse has affordable ski camps as my son needs to learn a bit more to catch up to my progress.

The better news is that I live near Vancouver and I have both a ski and hiking pass so I have all my needs covered at Grouse Mountain. Living here you really get the best of both worlds, in the city our winters are fairly mild (usually just a lot of rain) but I can drive to North Vancouver and take a quick gondola ride and I am in a winter wonderland. Can’t wait!!

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