Fitness Log Day 2: 9/11/12

Day two! It felt pretty easy to get up this morning, not going to the gym wasn’t even an option. I am sure it will get harder to get up, but I went to bed nice and early last night so that made a big difference. I hadn’t pre-packed my gym bag the last two days but as of now I have tomorrow’s bag packed (plus my son is at his Dad’s so no lunch to make!). Tomorrow will be a breeze, I am already looking forward to it. In addition to my fitness committment, I am eating better and I have all the foods I need to stay on track where I need them.

Today’s workout time: 6:40-7:20am at Gym

Workout: Elliptical 30 mins, ab raise 10 mins

Energy before: 2.5

Energy after: 3.5

Comments: I made a special playlist for this workout and I think I will whip up a quick one tomorrow so it is something different. I was able to power through the workout at a good pace throughout. I had an electrolyte drink today which always makes things a bit better and I am able to push a bit harder.


Nothing before workout again, but at least I had hydration this time. I did have almonds in the car after the workout, I might have had a few before but I am not sure.

Breakfast 7:45 am at work: Vega Energizing Smoothie half natural half berry with spirulina

Lunch 1pm: 2 mini bagels with organic cream cheese and a chocolate chip lara bar

Dinner 5:30pm – Beet salad

Snacks various times during the day at work I had almonds. 4pm 2 mini bagels with organic cream cheese. I am a bit hungry now (7pm so I might have something small) **ended up having about 1/4 cup roasted mixed nuts.

Drinks: Water, Chocolate mint oolong tea, Koala Springs cocktail with raspberry absolut.

Another great day, having snacks at work really is the best plan


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