Fitness Log Day 1: 9/10/12

So this is a day late but I didn’t get a chance to log on yesterday. It was an adjustment getting up at 5:30 to be ready to be at the gym by 6. I have been trying to get back there for a while but I didn’t make it enough of a priority. But the past is the past and I am looking forward with positivity.

I am finishing up “Thrive Fitness” and it recommends keeping training logs so I am following their basic template on here. At this time I am easing my way back into exercise so I am not following all the steps and exercise that the book recommends, but one step at a time. In fact my gym shirt says “One Step at a time” and I got it when I did the Stairclimb in February so it is a reminder of the things I can achieve.

Today’s workout time: 6:30-7:10am at Gym

Workout: Elliptical 30 mins, ab raise 10 mins

Energy before: 2

Energy after: 3.5

Comments: Surprised that I still feel in quite good condition considering I have been away for some time. I got a good workout and a good sweat. Music is really the key as certain songs just motivate me to work harder. Forgot water bottle but didn’t miss it too much but I want to be sure to remember it next time.


Nothing before workout, which is no good but I was too tired.

Breakfast 7:45 am at work: Vega Energizing Smoothie half natural half berry

Lunch 12pm: Free Pizza day but I didn’t care for the vegetarian option they got so I had a tiny piece then a Vega Energizing Smoothie half natural half berry with spirulina mixed in.

Dinner 5:30pm – Beet salad

Snack 7:30 pm 1/2 cup mixed roasted nuts, 1 cup of chips with fresh salsa

Drinks: Water, Tall passion tea lemonade in a venti cup with extra ice, Koala Springs cocktail with raspberry absolut.

All in all a good day, not perfect but very good.


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